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San Clemente, CA 92672

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Company Description:

Mission Statement:  To provide a pathway for pest management professional to achieve a higher level of effectiveness, with a product that facilitates a higher profit margin capability, in a very competitive market, while having low impact on the environment.

Products: The Exacticide is our flagship product. It is widely used by companies seeking perfection in the service they render to their clients. It is a battery powered precision dust and fine granule applicator. It is hand held, light weight and sleek in design. The services it excels in range from all pest infesting cracks, deep harborage, voids, to insects nesting in high places up to 36ft. The aid of a ladder or lift is not needed. Our customers tell us it is their #1 tool and they will not do Pest Control without it.

The Techni-Baiter is our next most popular items. It is a rodent bait station that can be serviced without bending over or kneeling. It takes only a few seconds to service and will cut your normal service time by 75%. It is impressive in appearance and functions better than the rest. It has visual proof positive feature that allows for sight status verifications.

Next in line is the Tech-Reach Bait Pro. This is a bait gun extension that allows 24inch reach with the bait tube at the end of the extension so there is no wasted bait. Allows for quicker applications to hard to reach areas with pin point accuracy. Put the bait back where the pest are, not on the visible surfaces.

BlasterTech: This is a high volume battery operated dust and large granule applicator. It is ideal for sewer, vent pipes, elevator shafts, trash shoots, large attics, crawl spaces. Granule for exterior open spaces.

Key Accessories: The Bed Bug Assault System includes a carpet and paint brush attachments to the Exacticide for floors, mattresses, and couches. Reach accessories to insure threat nothing is out of reach up to 36ft.

Support accessories: Extra batteries, canisters, wands/tips, belt hook, extension hose and rods, carrying case.

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